GASTON COUNTY, N.C. — A second county in as many days hopes to pass a law, preventing future laws from impacting gun owners. Gaston County Commissioners plan to vote at the end of this month to make the county a ‘2nd Amendment Sanctuary’ county.

“As the old saying goes, guns don’t kill people, people kill people,” said Gaston County Commissioner, Jack Brown.

Brown is serving his second term as county commissioner. He supports Gaston County becoming a second amendment sanctuary county.

The idea was first tweeted out Tuesday evening by the resolution sponsor, Commissioner Tracy Philbeck.

Commissioners hope to prevent any new gun restriction laws put in place at the federal, or state level from trickling down to the local level.

“It’s our right to do this. We feel like Gaston County should be afforded that right,” said Commissioner Brown.

The idea of protecting the rights of gun owners in Gaston County comes just days after neighboring Lincoln County passed similar legislation.

The Lincoln County resolution, passed Monday night, says “Lincoln County Board of Commissioners is concerned about the passage of any bill or legislation which could be interpreted as infringing the rights of the citizens of Lincoln County to keep and bear arms or which may unduly restrict their right to the same.”


“I am an Army veteran and I am a gun owner and I am a Democrat. I can tell you from my perspective, I have seen nothing that gives me any inclination that’s even a thing that needs to be worried about,” said Gaston County Democratic Chair, Danny Caudill.

Gaston County is heavily Republican, including every county commissioner. Caudill believes the current commissioners need to refocus.

“Us democrats here in the county would really like to see our local officials spend their time and energy and our taxpayer dollars on things more meaningful to Gaston County,” said Caudill.

The next Gaston County commissioners meeting is January 28. That’s when the resolution is expected to be voted on.