Funds raised for Ryley Hufford’s medical equipment needs thanks to FOX 46 viewers


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46) — “The people that showed up impressed us. We can only say thank you. We are so appreciative and I think a lot of them wanted to see Ryley,” Cindy Hufford said.

Who wouldn’t want to see little Ryley smile? The Huffords tell FOX 46 Charlotte, they’re truly in disbelief just how quickly their story got out to family members and friends nationwide.

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“I’ve received so many responses from all over. My family members out of state, “we saw you” and it was wonderful. We did not expect to get this much coverage and we really appreciate FOX 46,” Cindy Hufford said.

Ryley suffers from a broad range of medical issues from severe scoliosis to a rare genetic disorder, just to name of the challenges he now faces. His grandparents, both marines, took over caring for him knowing full and well it wasn’t quite how they pictured their retirement.

Last Saturday, people came from all over and donated to Ryley’s cause.

“I had no idea where Mooresville was but we checked it out and that’s an hour and 15 minutes from here. This family came just because they saw the program. I believe their 5 year old son Noah and he was so concerned. He wanted to make sure the family did something for Ryley,” James Hufford said.

One person donated over $5,000 and told the family if they needed anything else to let him know.

“Absolutely humbled, taken aback by what the people did. Thank you,” James Hufford said.

“We also want to thank FOX 46 Charlotte for getting the results because I think without them, maybe it wouldn’t have turned out so well,” James Hufford said.

“I like to personally say thanks to charlotte fox 46 because they put the word out. You did an excellent job,” Cindy Hufford said.

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