Frustration grows for woman of missing Statesville sister


STATESVILLE, NC (FOX 46) — “I want answers. Is this my sister or is this not my sister,”said Lisa Harris. 

The frustration continues.

“Nothing takes this long,” Harris added. 

It’s been nearly six weeks since her sister, Deborah Sabre, was reported missing in Statesville.

Almost a month to the date a black woman fitting Deborah’s description was found less than a quarter mile from where she was last scene in a creek.

“I feel like the buck continues to get passed,” Harris said.  

Lisa’s frustration has been with the Statesville police department.

Not only is she upset with how they first handled reports of her sister missing, but since a body was found back on June 14th, Lisa says communication with the department has been a struggle.

“It’s been several weeks since I’ve heard from even a detective and Monday I get a call back and they tell me they are basically waiting on the FBI to do the analysts to see if it’s my sister or not,” she said

Since police last provided an update on June 20th saying the body couldn’t be identified because of its condition, FOX 46 has requested updates on multiple occasions, but no one has responded.

Harris says she’s more than confident it’s her sister’s body. 

“Do i feel this is my sister and the things that have been told to me up until this point and things that have been told to me? Yes, I feel that it is,” Harris said.  


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