Frontier Airline passengers complain of excessive delays, bugs on plane


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — Frontier airline passengers tell FOX 46 they’re frustrated about excessive delays, overnight stays and bugs on planes. 

We initially started hearing from people essentially stuck on the concourse at Charlotte Douglas International, waiting for a flight that almost didn’t come.

They were eventually able to get home, but they say the issues they had even extended to their flight to Philly.

“It was a nightmare,” passenger Lisa Tyson said. 

She chronicled the whole ordeal in pictures and video.

“We’ve been here for 24 hours.  People are here with no medication, there are babies here with no diapers, no formula,” she says in the video. 

Tyson says the delays began Sunday afternoon after the plane they were supposed to be on got a flat tire and needed to be replaced. Several more delays later, the flight was cancelled.

“Horrendous” is how Deb Quigley described the experience. 

Quigly was on the same flight. She says many passengers were left sleeping in the airport, and they only got a new plane after going directly to airport operations.

FOX 46 reached out to Frontier. In a statement, they apologized for the cancellation to passengers, and offered them travel vouchers and a hotel reimbursement.

Quigley and Tyson were eventually able to get home on another plane, but they say that plane wasn’t any better.

“When we see bugs, are they going to stop us from flying this plane?” Tyson said. 

Yes, bugs on the plane, the women say, 

“There was a Frontier crew member killing bugs and in the overhead compartments. Someone said they were “love bugs.” They were big flying bugs,” Quigley said. 

That didn’t stop the flight from taking off, but both of the women we talked with say they’ve had enough.

“I would be too scared to use frontier again, to utilize the credit. I wouldn’t want to put myself through that again,” Tyson said. 

Frontier does say the flat tire issue is what did lead to the big delay. We’re told the new plane tires had to be flown in.

The passengers, however, say they were not informed of this until much later, and were not treated well during the process.

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