Friend Charged after Man Dies from Heroin Overdose


A 24-year-old woman who used to live in Union County has been charged after her friend overdosed on heroin. Justin Tarlton, 25, died in his home in western Union County in June. It took investigators 6 months to get the evidence they needed, which eventually led back to a friend of Tarlton’s, according to Lt. Brian Helms.

Detectives found evidence that Kristin Lea, 24, gave Tarlton the heroin that he used when he overdosed and died. Lea used to live in Union County, but currently lives in Southport, NC.

Wilmington Police arrested Lea. She’s now charged with Selling Heroin and Involuntary Manslaughter and has been transfered to the Union County Jail.

The charges coming just three weeks after the Union county Sheriff’s Office charged 24-year old Farrell Glaser, a suspected heroin dealer, with the overdose death of her friend, 26-year old Trenton Phillips.

Glaser is facing second-degree murder.

Union County Sheriff’s Office says overdoses have jumped from 2014 to 2015 and arrests have more than doubled from 49 to 110.

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