FOX 46 gets results after man overcharged on Monroe toll road


MONROE, N.C. — FOX 46 is getting results for a man who was overcharged when driving the new Monroe Expressway.

Phil Hull reached out to FOX 46 when he noticed the mistake on his transponder invoice. He was overcharged $3.28 when using the expressway. Hull said he didn’t care so much about the money; he was worried about a potential systematic issue for toll charges on the Monroe Expressway.

“Really not worth the effort to me,” Hull said, “I gave up on the couple of dollars. I reached out to FOX, because my concern was if this is happening to me, it could be happening to other people.”

At three plazas, he was charged a different rate than advertised.

“I’ve called them repeatedly,” he said, “sitting on hold for what seems like hours at this point, nobody ever picks up.”

Here’s how FOX 46 got results. We contacted representatives with the North Carolina Turnpike Authority. They said, at the time Hull called them, they were having issues with their phone system. They also looked at his account.

“He was correct. Those two little things were wrong, and we were able to get that fixed,” said Hillary DeLong, a communication representative with the North Carolina Turnpike Authority. 

Hull was refunded the $3.28 before our story aired.

“The system read it as four axels instead of three because he was pulling that trailer, you know, it just miss-measured his vehicle,” she said.

DeLong says it’s not a systematic error, but mistakes can and will happen occasionally.

“We processed 20 million transactions just this year since the Monroe Expressway opened, so from time to time there are glitches and inaccuracies, and this just happened to be one of those times,” DeLong. 

If you notice a similar issue, you can reach out to the NC Quick Pass by calling (877) 769-7277, visiting or stopping by their customer service locations below: 

8015 W. W.T.Harris Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28216

3034 Winston Ave., Monroe, NC 28110

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