FOX 46 gets refund for Catawba Co. man who says hearing aid doesn’t work


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FOX 46 is getting results for a Catawba County man who is paying for a hearing aid he says doesn’t work.

“I’m telling you I got so mad sometimes,” said James Tefft. “I done everything but flush ’em down the toilet.”

Tefft started losing hearing in his right ear more than two years ago. So, he went to Best Value Hearing Care Center in Hickory to get fitted for a hearing aid. 

“Age is catching up with me here,” he said. 

Tefft, who is on a fixed income, spent $5400 for a pair after he was told it would fix his hearing problem. He says the right one didn’t help.

“All I could hear if I went to a restaurant was basically mumble jumble,” he said.

He kept “going back and going back and going back” to have the hearing aid tinkered with but nothing seemed to help. More than two years later he says he is tired of making payments on a device he calls “junk.”

The window for a refund ran out after 90 days so Tefft reached out to FOX 46 for help.

“I seen results all the time from FOX 46,” said Tefft. “And I thought this has got to be it.”

FOX 46 reached out to the company. Owner James Young says Tefft is a rare client, perhaps one percent of the hundreds he treats, whose hearing may not be helped by a hearing aid. 

“If we can’t get it right for Mr. Tefft we are going to refund all of his money,” said Young, who offered to make a special refund exception. “We want to make it right.”

That is good news Tefft hears loud and clear.

“I feel I got someone on my side,” said Tefft. “FOX 46, I’m telling you, they’re the greatest.”

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