FOX 46 Charlotte takes South Carolina flood victim on back-to-school shopping spree at Walmart


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It’s been quite a year for Brandi Brooks after her family survived last year’s thousand year flood in South Carolina. Brooks tells FOX 46 Charlotte, she had no choice but to leave everything behind and start over.

“We moved here with nothing. We completely started over. We lost beds, bedding, everything, basic household necessities. Everything we had obtained in 9 years of marriage was lost in two days,” Brooks said.

Not only did they survive the floods but her husband was laid off last year in February and they just recently lost a family member.

Until now, back to school shopping had been put on the back burner but brooks didn’t want her kids to be bullied in school for not having what they needed.

“As a parent, you naturally want to provide for kids and not being able to do that is a struggle in itself,” Brooks said.

That’s when FOX 46 got results for Brooks and her kids by taking her on back to school shopping spree at Wal-Mart in South Tryon.

“We’ve been able to repurchase a lot of things but when it comes to certain small things that you need it’s been a challenge,” Brooks said.

FOX 46 Charlotte reached out to see who could help Brooks and one group came forward but they wanted to stay anonymous and gave Brooks a $200 gift card to go back to school shopping for her kids. 

Wal-Mart was more than happy to help Brandi find clothes for her son and daughter and help her on her shopping spree.

Brooks says this helps make the decision between paying the bills and what her kids need a lot easier…

“To be able to go home and  take my kids clothes because of you guys at Fox 46 Charlotte. It just means a whole lot. It relieves a lot of stress off of us,” Brooks said. 

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