Fort Mill apartment fire leaves 22 people without a home


FORT MILL, SC (WJZY) — Kim Antilley was in Myrtle Beach on vacation when she got a call from her neighbor saying a fire had just tore through her apartment building. She came home on Tuesday to see what she could salvage.

Antilley gave FOX 46 Charlotte a tour of her apartment, which is right under the unit where the fire started. To her surprise, a lot of her furniture and photos were saved by firefighters.

“See look what the fire department did. I think they deserve credit they came in when that place was on fire up there and did this. They covered the beds. They took pictures off the wall. That’s pretty awesome for them to do that,” Kim Antilley said.

Grateful for what was saved, she couldn’t hold back the tears.

“While the building was on fire, putting my stuff in the middle and covering it so they could salvage it. So they could save it and I appreciate it because they didn’t have to do that and they saved a lot of stuff,” Antilley said.

The Fort Mill Fire Department told FOX 46 Charlotte that they managed to contain the fire to one apartment but because of the smoke and water damage they had to shut down power to the entire complex.

It’s a fire that left eight families in need of a new place to stay and that’s where the Red Cross stepped in.

Even with a roof now over their head, the reality their stuff was gone still left many in shock.

“You don’t deal with this every day. You might hear about it. This don’t come on your front porch every day,” Doug Smith said.

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