Former protester and pastor unite to start new youth camp


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46) — FOX 46 Charlotte is getting results this week by connecting the dots with a former protester and pastor who were an unlikely pair six months ago.

Now, Pastor Theo Schaffer and Community Leader Greg Jackson are helping heal Charlotte through their new youth camp.

It was training day for mentors at the new Heal Charlotte Dream Academy Youth Camp.

“They get mentoring, coaching, tutoring, academic support, sports, the whole nine. Sports coaching, the whole nine without having to go anywhere or leave, or pay a dime. So it’s a no brainer we had to make it happen.”

Pastor Schaffer from the World of Promise Church saw an opportunity to get results for kids after meeting protester Greg Jackson on FOX 46 Charlotte’s Uniting Charlotte show.

“And from there we just grew. The passion, when you share like passions with each other.”

Both are passionate engaging and inspiring young men who want the best for Charlotte.

“You want to provide them with a different experience than what you had because obviously I was on a different side of the spectrum six or seven months ago, right, so we want to go ahead and give the kids what they need to know now.”

Another partner working with this duo helping unite Charlotte since the protests is the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

“That is one of the key ingredients of this main thing, is the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. Their entire force. The chief. The officers. It’s the whole nine, it’s been crazy great.”

The Dream Academy Youth Camps will start up February 6, 2017 for kids at Orchard Trace Apartments. 

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