Former NFL players receive treatment for concussions


A Charlotte doctor is using a groundbreaking treatment to help former NFL players who suffer from concussions.

Until now former NFL players have not had a way to stop the deterioration of the brain after suffering repeated concussions.

NFL Hall of Fame Offensive Lineman Joe DeLamielleure has dedicated his life to football so much that he contracted a disease known as Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). It is a brain disease that is the result from taking repeated blows to the head.

“Something was wrong other than just playing football,” DeLamielleure said.

Joe is constantly hearing from doctors all over the country that have some sort of experimental treatment to slow the progression of CTE, naturally most of the requests aren’t worth looking into but there was one doctor less than ten miles from his home in Charlotte that he had to follow up with.

“The organ system that we want to take the greatest care of is our brain,” Dr. Ronald Brown said.

Dr. Brown is the chief medical officer at the Carolina HealthSpan Institute. This clinic is one of ten in the nation that is conducting a study by helping former NFL players with declining brain functions.

“I would say that every former NFL player expect for punters and kickers have probably had some degree of traumatic brain injury and could benefit from having this treatment,” Dr. Brown said.

It’s called High Performance Neurofeedback and it is showing positive results on those who may be experiencing brain changes as a result of concussions throughout their careers.

Censors are placed at different locations on the head which tracks brain waves to exercise the brain directly. Helping it to reorganize and rebalance, basically fitness training for the brain.

“I’ve seen a lot of people who’ve been helped by a lot of things and as I said this is if not the most powerful tool I’ve ever seen to help people, it is certainly right at the top of the list of things,” Dr. Brown said.

Dr. Brown said there are no side effects.

The goal of this study is not only help former NFL players but both Dr. Brown and DeLamielleure are optimistic for individual of all ages to improve brain function.

In a recent pilot study of nine former players who were having symptoms related to their concussion experience in the NFL, all nine players treated with High Performance Neurofeedback demonstrated significant clinical improvements during a one-year follow-up re-evaluation.


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