Food trucks getting the boot from downtown Waxhaw


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Get your fill now because soon food trucks won’t have a place to park in downtown Waxhaw.

“This is their third time coming out here and they love coming out here. I’m going to feel very bad when I tell them, guess what guys, no, can’t come here anymore,” Niel Gimon, The Dreamchaser’s brewery owner said. 

A new ordinance being introduced “prohibits the sale or distribution of goods, including food, from vehicles and/or trailers in town street right-of-way.” That includes parking in public parking spots. That means everywhere in the downtown area.

“I’m a small business owner I gotta go where I can make money. So if the Town of Waxhaw doesn’t want me to make money here, then I’ll go make it somewhere else,” The Herban Legend Food Truck owner Brian Seely said.

Neil Gimon, the owner of The Dreamchaser’s Brewery tells FOX 46, these food trucks offer a new vibe and flavor to his customers.

“How many restaurants in Waxhaw have a “Spiedies”? Or Indonesian food? Or Mexican? Or Cuban food? None! So we are just offering something different for the residents of Waxhaw and the people that come down here,” Gimon said.

Others say they take business away from local restaurants.

“Three food trucks are actually owned by Waxhaw residents. It’s not a case that we are trying to steal form Waxhaw business, they are Waxhaw businesses,” Gimon said. 

“We have people that come with us. Follow us all the way here to Waxhaw to eat from our food truck and now they are exposed to a great brewery, a couple of new restaurants down the street, maybe an antique store that they didn’t know about. So, it’s a good thing all the way around,” Seely said.

The ordinance excludes town sponsored event.  On Tuesday, the town of Waxhaw will vote on the parking ordinance.

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