Following Putney announcement, CMPD reassures public that department is in good hands


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Questions continue to surround the retirement of Chief Kerr Putney after FOX 46 was told by the state that the plan is not legal.

Chief Putney was not at a meeting of the “Bridge The Difference” campaign Thursday night. The program was organized under the leadership of Chief Putney, which aims to bring the community together to talk about policing and public safety. 

“It has been a little chaotic with the police department and the chief announcing his retirement,” Lt. Brad Koch told the crowd Thursday night.

Chief Putney was absent just days after making his retirement announcement.

“I am not quite done, the city manager has decided he wants to hire me back,” the Chief said in a video posted to the City of Charlotte website.


That video was Monday afternoon, but by Tuesday afternoon a press conference scheduled for this week with Chief Putney was canceled.

FOX 46 found out that Chief Putney’s retirement plan, which included coming back to help with the Republican National Convention, isn’t legal according to the state retirement system.

Since then city leaders say they plan to move forward with the retirement plan while following all state rules.

Chief Kerr Putney hasn’t been heard from since.

Those attending Thursday night’s event at the training academy were reassured the police department will remain in good hands.

“I want you to know that the commitment from the police department is that we love you, appreciate you and we are not going anywhere,” said Lt. Brad Koch.

City leaders have not said if or when the press conference discussing Chief Putney’s retirement will be rescheduled.

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