Flier allegedly makes it through airport security with loaded gun in her purse



Guns get through TSA checkpoints more often than you might think.

A 2015 report from the Department of Homeland Security revealed undercover investigators got through TSA checkpoints with banned weapons in 95 percent of trials.

In response, Homeland Security leaders laid out steps to take in order to improve airport security, which is why we’ll continue to see changes like the new pat-down procedures TSA is now performing.

One Colorado woman can certainly attest to that after she accidentally made it all the way through security and onto the plane with a gun in her purse.

She said, “It was really scary how easy it was to get a gun past TSA.”

Still worried about consequences, she wanted to stay anonymous.

It was an airport in Charlotte, North Carolina where she went through security, got to her gate and realized her loaded revolver was still in her purse.

“My first inclination was I needed to tell someone about this but I knew that there would be repercussions.” she said. “I would have definitely gone to jail.”

Full story on FoxNews.com 

FOX 46 Charlotte reached out to TSA with Charlotte-Douglas International Airport who said they’re currently investigating the allegation. 

Investigators plan to interview TSA agents who were there during the time, as well as look at airport security camera footage. The TSA deletes security checkpoint scans within 24 hours. 

The TSA does not arrest people when found with a firearm. They detain them and call local law enforcement. 

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