First responders bracing for busy weekend


HUNTERSVILLE, NC (FOX 46) — One group of people who folks desperately need just in case are gearing up for the incoming snow as well – first responders. 

FOX 46 Charlotte spoke with responders in Huntersville who said they know there will be accidents, despite all the warnings. Responders said they’re preparing themselves, not only to help rescue drivers, but to also make sure their own men and women stay safe. 

“We are on duty and we are ready. Should that call arise at anytime our crews will be out there responding on calls.” 

Responders said they are ready to help others in distress, but first responders working an accident scene face a danger all their own, working just feet away from cars speeding by. 

If you add in the potential this weekend for icy roads, emergency crews said they’re taking extra precautions to try and keep crews safe. In Huntersville, the fire department handles calls for portions of I-77 and I-485. It’s an area that could see plenty of traffic trouble. 

“You could see a fire crew or a medic crew on scene using the vehicle as a buffer. You might see them park across ways blocking more lanes than normal.” 

Crews could be put to the test this weekend. During a light freezing rain event last month there were more than 100 accidents in Charlotte alone. Medic, tweeting a photo of their ice melt supply for this weekend. 

Charlotte Fire told FOX 46 Charlotte they are bringing in extra crews and equipment. Back in Huntersville, they are treating the winter weather like a severe thunderstorm. Crews said they will be on standby for whatever type of call Mother Nature may bring. 

“We do see an increase in people slipping and tripping and falling in the weather. We just ask you be extremely careful when you are outside.” 

First responders are reminding everyone there is a Move Over Law which requires residents to move at least one lane when possible when an emergency vehicle is present.

During winter storms they recommend folks move over as far as they can, giving first responders plenty of room to do their jobs. 

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