First case of rabies confirmed in Catawba County


This micrograph depicts the histopathologic changes associated with rabies encephalitis prepared using an H&E stain. [Centers for Disease Control]

CATAWBA COUNTY, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — The first case of rabies in Catawba County was confirmed on Thursday. This is the county’s first case of 2018. 

On March 27, Catawba County Animal Services received a call from a man in Maiden who said his dog attacked a raccoon in his front yard.

The raccoon was picked up and sent to the North Carolina Public Health Laboratory in Raleigh for rabies testing.

On March 29, the lab notified Catawba County that the raccoon tested positive for rabies. Catawba County Animal Services told the owner of the dog and encouraged him to get his dog a rabies booster as the dog was not current on its rabies vaccination.

The owner now has to keep the dog under observation for 45 days.

Animal Services reminds pet owners that rabies is still present in the local wild animal population and is a threat to pets and humans year-round. The best way to protect your pets from rabies is to have them properly vaccinated for rabies.

For more information, call Catawba County Animal Services at (828) 464-7686.

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