Final section of I-77 toll lanes open up


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — When drivers describe I-77, it usually sounds the same.

“Well, traffic, definitely traffic is a consistent theme when it comes to I-77,” Sandy Bowers told FOX 46. 

Now insert 26 miles of toll lanes from Mecklenburg County to Iredell County and opinions start to change. 

“Overall I think it has definitely helped to decrease the congestion. It looks as though the traffic is moving more smoothly, but I certainly haven’t got involved in congestion due to wrecks,” Bowers said.

Over the weekend the final section of the I-77 express lanes opened. That’s the portion of the southern section from I-485- to I-277 in Uptown.

Sandy Bowers, owner of Mine by Sandy in Davidson admits she doesn’t use the express lanes daily because she lives in town, but she has seen an impact on the highways. 

“Personally it has made it a lot easier. I will definitely say that. I was at the aiport yesterday and i got home and maybe 30 mins when it would usually take close to an hour,” she said. 

“When I go pretty much any place south I use the toll lane,” Tyler Hampton said 

Across the lake in Mooresville, you can see I-77  outside of Tyler Hampton’s 19th Tee business, he says he doesn’t own an EZ-pass but will often use the express lanes when he heads into Charlotte. 

“It’s much faster travel when I’m going to Charlotte or to 485 it’s so much faster. Especially northbound coming 485 because everything funnels down to two lanes at exit 23 you bypass that,” Hampton said. 

While the construction has been frustrating for many, it seems that the end results is benefitting drivers. 


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