Father arrested after 2yr old son accidentally shoots himself


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Gaston County police arrested a man after his two-year old son accidentally shot himself in the stomach.

Michael Walls was arrested Sunday and charged with felony child neglect and misdemeanor failure to store a firearm to protect a minor.

In November, police were called to the emergency room in Kings Mountain where Walls and Misty Ware drove their two-year old son after he allegedly shot himself in the stomach.

“Well under North Carolina law it’s a misdemeanor to fail to store any firearm in a safe inaccessible place by a minor. And a minor in this statute is anyone under the age of 18,” said Gaston County Sheriff Alan Cloninger.

The toddler was air-lifted to Charlotte. Ware, said he is now doing well and is staying with a family member. Since the shooting she says, people have been very judgmental and she wants to set the record straight but, she’s not yet ready to talk about what happened.

Sheriff Cloninger said about shootings involving children, “One is one too many and we as adults and as parents have the responsibility and duty to our children or any child to protect them from being injured from any gun or gun violence.”

Gun owners are strongly encouraged to be vigilant in keeping guns away from children. They should teach children to stay away from guns and tell an adult when they see a gun or see a friend playing with a gun.

The holidays are a time when people visit friends and family. Gun owners should be especially careful.

“Well the best place to put it is in a gun safe by far but that only you have accessibility to. The next best thing is to get what’s called a gun lock which locks the trigger where the trigger cannot be manipulated unless you have a key to the lock,” said Sheriff Cloninger.

Ware said the next step for the family is getting their son back home.

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