Family wants justice for loved one shot inside his workplace


SALISBURY, NC — James Davis, 45, was known by many as “Milkbone,” a childhood nickname.

His sister, Tunisha Ewing, got a call in the early morning hours on Saturday that Davis was in the hospital because of a shooting.

“We were told he was shot in the chest,” she said. “We didn’t know how bad it was until we got to the hospital.”

Davis died at the hospital roughly two hours after he was shot.

“He was a great father. A great brother to me. And a brother to many in the neighborhood,” Ewing said.

Davis was a father, with children ranging from three years old to 26. He was from Albemarle but was living in Salisbury at the time of the incident.

He had only been working at the adult arcade, Fishzilla, for a few months. His family said the shooting happened inside his workplace.

Salisbury Police initially said they were investigating the shooting as a homicide. Officers interviewed the shooter and witnesses after the incident but no charges were immediately filed.

The victim’s family said police plan to update them on the investigation Monday. Ewing hopes to learn more surrounding who killed her older brother and why.

“These kids don’t deserve that. My mom certainly don’t. And he didn’t. His girlfriend really did not deserve to lose her, you know, boyfriend, and the father of her children,” Ewing said. “He didn’t hurt nobody, so why do that to him?”



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