Family and friends say goodbye to Karson Whitesell


ROCK HILL, N.C. (FOX 46) — It’s not often we have someone in our lives touch us so deeply but Karson Whitesell did for over 500 people.

“We were the lucky few who got to know her and just for two months, she made such an impact on our lives. So I can imagine in 19 years, how many lives she touched and I think we can see as the building was pack. Just in those few years, she did get to live, she touched more people than people who live 80 years do,” Madison Hicks said.

Losing Karson, has left those who love her with a gaping hole in their hearts

“We’ve been planning to do things our whole life and now I want to accomplish them all. I love her and she will always be in our hearts,” Shelby Hinnant said. 

Her funeral was full of her favorite songs and psalms. One she always read to find strength and comfort and one many will now use to forge ahead.

“She would not want us to get eaten up by anger and she would want us to put our energy on serving gods children and she’ll want us to lose ourselves in the service of Christ,” Natalie Childs said. 

While she may no longer be on this earth, all her good deeds and her love to help others won’t be forgotten.

“Isn’t it nice that everyone gets to remember you young and beautiful? As for the rest of us, we will be remembered with fake teeth and a walker,” Childs said.  

“I hope that she makes the most of everything that she has. That she has an eternity ahead of her and she gets to have it with God. We are going to do our best to make the most of what we have now and once we get to be with her again, we’ll do the same thing. I think if I said that to Karson would laugh because it’s dumb and cheesy and I hope she does that with Jesus too,” Pastor Kent Reeder said. 

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