Families could be Getting Results after fighting to keep special education program


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46) — Parents and students could be getting results after fighting the phasing out of a special needs program at Randolph Middle School. CMS held a meeting with parents Monday where they said they’re considering keeping the program.

“Nothing is set in stone, nothing is agreed upon, but we’re thinking about what we can do to make it work,” said CMS spokesperson Nancy Harver.

Parents and students have been standing up to CMS for weeks. They spoke out at a board of education meeting and even starting an Instagram account.

Families ask CMS to keep the special education program at Randolph Middle School.

This Monday, it sounds like they could be getting results.

“That’s one of the things that’s coming out as a part of the discussion with Randolph. Why not keep Randolph as a magnet program? We’ve just started a conversation with the magnet office to find out how we can do that,” said Harver.

This Monday, CMS held a town hall meeting with parents of special needs students. This was the first of eight meetings this week to break down the new special needs program which is set to kick off this fall.

But several parents say they were invited to the table way too late.

“Now you want to obtain input from stakeholders in the implementation part. You’re making it clear that you still don’t want our opinion in whether this is a good program in the development. You’re moving forward. You have to pay attention to how that comes off to us. It makes us look like we don’t know anything,” said Vanessa Infanzon, a parent of a special needs child.

“It seemed like they already came up with a plan and none of the parents and teachers knew anything about it,” said Karen Devore, a parent of a special needs child.

CMS sent us a statement breaking down the future program. It reads in part, “there are two changes occurring at Randolph IB Middle and Phillip O. Berry academy of technology, which are magnet schools. Special academic curriculum (SAC) classes will be combined with AU (autism) classes, and special education classes will be provided at a student’s home school…. In order to provide increased access to students’ home schools.

Click here to find out when and where the next town hall meetings will be held.

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