Fall foliage color change on delay due to unusually warm weather


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46) — Last week’s cooler temperature finally made it feel like Fall.

“It was kind of a little bit of a teaser because it was like Fall is here. We are going to get the leaves changing and now this week summer is upon us,” Missy Smith said.

Now, it’s like Mother Nature forgot to reset the thermostat in Charlotte.

“I thought there would be some tree with color but it looks like the middle of summer and feels like the middle of summer. Everything is green and it’s hot,” Nicki Ellis said.

This hot weather is to blame for all the green. The City of Charlotte Arborist Tim Porter told FOX 46 Charlotte the change from cool to hot is causing a lot of trees to stop changing colors.

“I think the warmer weather and erratic rain fall, dry, rain, dry days. It’s all contributing to a slow start here,” Tim Porter said.

Usually, cooler weather is the tree’s cue to breakdown chlorophyll, which gives the trees the green color, to reveal those rich fall colors.

“There’s a good host of trees that usually provide good fall color but we got to have Mother Nature help out with that,” Porter said.

But for this week, Mother Nature is on vacation and if the weather doesn’t cool down quickly, we might not even see those crisp colors.

“Sometimes when the temperature doesn’t change as it usually does the colors aren’t as bright,” Porter said.

But don’t fret, cooler weather is in the forecast. Fall is just on a slight delay.

“I think it’s going to be later than usual but we will see how this warm weather continue. It might be even later than we think right now. So it could be weeks and weeks. But i think by the end of the month we should see some pretty good color,” Porter said.

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