Emotions high following deadly Lancaster sports bar shooting


LANCASTER, S.C. — The family of a man shot at Ole Skool Sports Bar and Grill is calling for the club to be shut down for good. Saturday, teb people were shot inside the club. Two men, 39-year-old Henry Lee Colvin from Rock Hill and 38-year-old Aaron Harris died at the scene. Four victims were taken to local hospitals and another four were flown to Atrium Health CMC Main in Charlotte.

A 29-year old father from Rock Hill was among the wounded. He was shot four times and has undergone two surgeries with more possible. His family spoke only to FOX46 Charlotte saying his condition is very serious.  His parents, who asked to remain anonymous believe the club owners should be held accountable for the shooting for allowing guns inside because it was their responsibility to keep everyone safe.

“My son was shot for no reason just because he was in the club and wanted to have fun. Wrong place at the wrong time sure, but the people that’s over that club had an obligation as well to make sure that didn’t happen,” said his mother while waiting for him to get out of surgery,

Her son was rushed to Lancaster hospital by a friend. She rushed to be by his side but it took 45 minutes to get in because the hospital was placed on lockdown.

His father also rushed to the hospital after learning his son was shot. He said, “We seen him open his eyes and later in the afternoon he actually wrote a note, I love you. And for a father to see those words.”

According to Lancaster County Sheriff Barry Faile, police responded to the club seven times so far this year, twice for shootings.

“One of the men were allowed to go back outside after the other man showed the weapon. He went back outside and came back in and all hell broke loose.” A witness said the DJ and another man were using people as human shields while exchanging gunfire.

“We got innocent people who lost their lives and we got innocent people who are shot and their families are left to pick up the pieces, the medical bills, and to help their loved ones get back on their feet,” said his mother. So far, she said no one from the club or the city has reached out to their family but they want justice and action.

“For them to do the right thing and turn themself in,” said his father. His mother is calling for the club to close, “Shut it down. I personally don’t want it back open, ever.”

The family is hoping other victims and their families will speak up about the violence that took place in the club. “If you keep your mouth closed, nothing is going to happen,” said his mother.

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