Emergency response teams head to SC coast in preparation for Hurricane Matthew


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46) — South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley ordered an evacuation of the coasts on Tuesday.

They are heading to Georgetown, SC before hurricane Matthew’s arrival.

“So folks are coming out of the coastal area, and we will be going in,” Salvation Army Volunteer Rick Vostein said.

The Salvation Army of Charlotte packed their emergency disasters canteen early Wednesday morning.

“One of our first priorities will be helping first responders. We’ll be feeding them and then if the hurricane hits the community, we will be serving the community as well for folk when power is out and they won’t be able to help themselves,” Salvation Army Major Larry Broome said.

Exactly one year ago this canteen was heading down to South Carolina to help flood related victims. Now they are headed back to help but with some new improvements.

“We found that this particular unit had some leaks in the roof, when it was raining, it would rain inside the unit sometimes. We have gotten that repaired,” Major Broome said.

They also scrubbed it cleaned, fixed the air conditioning and upgraded the generator.

For the volunteers heading down, it’s not their first rodeo either.

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“We served a small town south of Columbia. It was Eastover South Carolina and devastated and completely cut off originally from any supplies coming in or going out. This canteen did make it down into east over itself and was able to stay and serve the people there,” Vostein said.

Other emergency response teams are holding off. The Charlotte Fire Department posted on their twitter account their Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) truck is ready to go but won’t head out until Thursday.

And a Duke Energy Spokesperson says crews are preparing for travel should, downed power lines because an issue.

“Right now we are continuing to monitor the storm’s path and until we are confident of what the storm’s path will be, we will send crews to assist in those areas,” Meghan Miles said.

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