Election Day burglar targets 2 Madison Park homes


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — Neighbors in the Madison Park area of Charlotte are on alert after they say men posing as landscapers broke into homes on Election Day.

CMPD says two break-ins happened near the intersection of Fairbanks and Seacroft Road during the day Tuesday when many people were away at work.

“When I came back I saw the house over here the police came and the door had been kicked all the way in,” said neighbor, Joe Garrick.

The thieves apparently did a good job blending in with the rest of the neighborhood.

“I did see what looked like a work van with a trailer attached to it, but there are a lot of leaves this time of year so I really didn’t think anything of it,” said Garrick.

Neighbors believe the suspects posed as landscapers, kicking in the front door to a home on Fairbanks Road before they stole computers and gaming systems.

Another home just a few week away on Seacroft Road was also burglarized. The owner said the side door was kicked in before the suspects stole TV’s and other electronics.

“That is ruthless if they are doing it in the middle of the day. They know people are not home and they are at work. It’s an unfortunate situation, but hopefully they will be brought to justice,” said neighbor, Jason Fedell.

Both homes that were burglarized had signs out front saying a home security system is active.

The Madison Park Neighborhood is typically quiet. According to CMPD crime stats, the only calls for service within the last month near Tuesday’s crime spree was a theft on Tyvola road and two disturbing the peace calls.

“It’s a great neighborhood. It’s very rare we hear of any sort of break-ins or that sort of thing so it’s something that got my radar on and something I am going to keep an eye out for,” said neighbor, Craig McCarter.

CMPD says no one is in custody. Police didn’t provide a description of a vehicle associated with the break-ins, but they are reminding homeowners to write down the serial numbers to any electronics they have inside their home.

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