Edmund Baines visits FOX 46 following kidney transplant


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — Four months after receiving a new kidney Edmund Baines stopped by the FOX 46 studios. It was a surprise visit from a man we all came to love as he fought for his life. He’s the Army veteran who needed the life-saving surgery.

Baines, 57, walked in with flowers and a card.

“I thank you. The times you exposed me and you gave me the tools I needed to keep going. Without you all I don’t think I would have made it. I had a three percent kidney function when we met,” Baines said wiping away tears.

“You are why we come to work every day,” said anchor Brien Blakely.

Baines first met reporter Jenyne Donaldson in 2016. The veteran was driving around town with a sign on his car in search of a kidney donor. His telephone number was on his truck. Donaldson shared Edmund’s journey determined to get results. She rushed to the station when she found out Baines was here.

“You did more than take my story. You stood by me,” Baines told Donaldson.

He got good news from his doctors Monday and wanted to share it with the newsroom along with hugs and tears.

“I got my check up and they told me I’m doing fantastic,” said Baines who added that there are no signs of rejection.

Not a day goes by where he doesn’t think about the little boy who was taken off of life support. His parents made the decision to donate his organs. Baines received one of his kidneys.

“I named my kidney innocence because the innocence of a child saved my life,” he said.

Baines has the gift of time. The result he needed.

“Without you guys a veteran like me might not have been seen or heard. I’m really grateful for what you did,” said Baines.

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