Duke Energy explains recent power outages in Uptown, South End


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — If you live in or around Uptown Charlotte, it’s likely you’ve experienced a power outage in recent months.

“At my apartment complex, in particular, we’ve lost power at least three or four times in the past two months,” said South End resident Amanda Lugo.

“We’ve heard about a couple,” said AJ Trommello, “we did have one last Monday.”

“Recently, it’s been a couple times a month, now, and you go to their website, and they can’t even tell you when it’ll be back on,” said Heather Jervis.

Many are wondering what’s causing it. Most recently, nearly 200 customers lost power in Uptown knocking out street lights, and forcing the fire department to evacuate buildings.

“It’s a mix of things that’s caused these outages, especially in South End and even in Uptown,” said Jeff Brooks, Duke Energy spokesperson, “We’ve had some equipment failures, we’ve had some tree issues – especially in the South Blvd area.”

With the RNC coming to town next August, some are hoping Duke Energy is prepared.

“Does that overwork the system? Asked Lugo, “and how do we kind of work around those types of potential outages and be proactive about that?”

Brooks says the company is trying to be proactive.

“We’re actually working to build a self-healing network all across the Charlotte area and across the state,” he said, “and this self-healing technology will actually automatically detect outages and reroute power to restore power faster to customers.”

That includes laying down new lines that feed power to the airport in the event of an outage there.

Brooks says there’s no common trend with the outages in the Charlotte area. He added they are a combination of equipment failure, trees falling on lines and animals getting into the substations to keep warm as the winter weather approaches.

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