Druid Hills student says classmate threatened her with gun before altercation


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — A 13-year old girl says her life was threatened with a gun because she turned down the advances of one of her classmates. 

The student suspected of making the threat toward the girl, 14-year old Maquaye Joseph, admits that he took a photo where he’s pointing a gun, but he claims he didn’t threaten 13-year-old Chance Grier. 

“I’m a take a picture because this was the first time I ever had a gun in my hand,” Joseph said. 

Grier says Joseph sent the picture with the gun to her with a threatening message: “I’m a blow your head off.” 

They live in an apartment complex off Julia Ave. The 14-year old says he took the photo on the front porch of the house, but claims it was someone else who texted it from his phone.

“I ain’t send it. It wasn’t me,” Joseph said.

CMPD disagrees, charging Joseph with communicating threats.

His mother says he was punished.

“Do you know where the gun came from?” FOX 46’s David Sentendrey asked Joseph’s mother. 

“I really don’t. I don’t condone in that. That’s why I whooped him because I’m trying to figure out who put a gun into a minor’s hand,” she said. 

The victim’s mother says it’s not enough.

“We do not need a school shooting to wake us up,” Grier’s mother said. 

The two students go to druid hills academy. Family says the two argued over the text message at lunch on Friday and now, both are suspended for disruptive behavior.

“In Florida, those poor parents they did not know, they were not aware, they did not have a chance for help, they did not have a chance to be in the Principal’s office and say, hey, this kid needs help. I do. And I have. And I just want something to be done.”

The 14-year old says he’s sorry and a group of activists have stepped in to mentor him away from violence.

“To me it wasn’t serious at first, but now it’s like too serious to the point where people are talking about killing,” Joseph said.

Still, serious questions about the incident remain. David Sentendrey continued to ask Joseph about the gun, where it came from and its current whereabouts: 

Sentendrey: Where’d you get the gun from? 

Joseph: My homie. 

Sentendrey: Where’d he get the gun from? 

Joseph: I don’t know. 

Sentendrey: Don’t you think you’re a little too young to be playing with guns? 

Joseph: Yeah. 

Sentendrey: Do you know where the gun is at now? 

Joseph: No. 

Sentendrey: You sure? 

Joseph: Uh-huh.

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