“Don’t Call the Cops”: Local group suggests alternatives to calling 911


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — In an emergency, most people call 911, but a local advocacy group is teaching alternative options to avoid dealing with police in certain situations. 

Dozen’s of people piled into this Plaza-Midwood classroom Thursday night for a discussion titled: “Don’t Call The Cops.”

The workshop was held by Charlotte Uprising. They focus on ways to advance and protect the rights of all people. 

The leaders of the workshop said people in society have been conditioned to call the police for any problem. This group is posing the question, is there anything the community can do as a substitute? 

The workshop focused on putting a greater emphasis on communities policing each other for certain kinds of crimes.

For example, they said if you are a victim of theft, one suggestion is to turn to your community. Group leaders said to secure a list of five trusted people in your neighborhood as a support group to assess what is missing, if it needs to be replaced and then if fundraising is needed to replace those items.

The goal of the workshop was to provide people with the confidence needed to empower themselves within their communities to solve certain problems. 

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