Donations continue to pour in for Puerto Rico, Group needs help getting them to the island


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46) — It’s been 10 days since Hurricane Maria hit the island of Puerto Rico and people still begging for food and water. 10 days later, the Puerto Rican Cultural Society of Charlotte and volunteers still finding ways to get these donations to the island.

“Unloading truck and cars and got all that water there. The big thing is getting this out of here later,” Volunteer Lionel Deliz said.

The group was able to get donations on a plane a few days ago but many boxes had to came back because they couldn’t fit on the plane. They say these donations are getting to island one way or another.

“We have our fingers crossed. I believe there is another plane but I’m not saying anything other than that,” Volunteer and Donation Coordinator Debbie Guerrero said.

With tension rising between President Trump and San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz, many here say there is no time for this when people are in need.

“People keep dying after the fact of the hurricane that not good. The rebuilding will happen but they need help now,” Deliz said.

“It upsets me when sometimes we are treated like second class U.S Citizens. It shouldn’t be like that. We fought for this country, a lot of our veterans, our Puerto Rican veterans, so yea, I think we deserve what we are asking for,” Puerto Rican Cultural Society of Charlotte Evelyn Cruz said.

Volunteers are also now getting ready for the influx of people coming out of the island, now that the airport in Puerto Rico is starting flight services again.

“People are going to start to go the mainland. So next step is getting people homes, getting them jobs, getting them shelters, getting sponsors to get them because they have no money. They don’t even have money to get on a plane,” Guerrero said.

The group has another collection drive happening tomorrow at Punta Cana Restaurant on South Boulevard and the group is still looking for someone to donate a plane that can take these goods to Puerto Rico.

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