Do you know about these U.S. presidents’ hidden talents?


WASHINGTON — If you’ve got the day off for Presidents Day, maybe you should take the day to learn a new skill. Looking for a little inspiration? Here are some talents our past presidents had besides politics:

  • Barack Obama can carry a tune, and once even sang a little Al Green as president.
  • You probably know Bill Clinton played the saxophone, most famously on the campaign trail on The Arsenio Hall Show. But you might not know that Clinton is also a master crossword puzzle player.
  • Ronald Reagan, of course, was a famous Hollywood actor before he got into politics. And FDR was the only president to be credited as a screenwriter, for a 1936 movie called The President’s Mystery.
  • Richard Nixon was known for playing the piano, and he could also play the saxophone, clarinet, accordion, and violin.
  • Harry Truman loved to play the piano too and always dreamed of being a musician. Unfortunately, even he had to admit he was never very good.
  • And since leaving office, George W. Bush has taken up painting, a talent he shares with Dwight Eisenhower and Jimmy Carter.

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