Deputies conduct largest drug bust ever seen in Iredell County


IREDELL COUNTY, NC — Tupperware containers were stuffed to the brim with crystal meth and rolls of cash that wouldn’t even fit in your wallet.

It’s the largest drug bust Iredell County has ever seen. 

“If this would’ve made it to the streets, how many potential addict did this prevent? How many kid did this prevent from having access?” Sheriff Darren Campbell said. 

Iredell County Sheriff’s Office Interstate Criminal Enforcement (ICE) Team stopping four drug traffickers on I-77, all due to a deputy’s quick thinking.

The deputy saw the four crooks exchanging packages at outside a convenience store. He heard their conversation and determined they were up to no good.

The crooks saw the deputy and took off.  The deputy quickly sent out a call out to be on the lookout for them.

“He was able to give out a BOLO, and actually I heard the BOLO got out yesterday and I heard the deputies respond and to get the vehicles because two went north and two went south,” Sheriff Campbell said. 

They stopped the traffickers and found 28 pounds of crystal meth and $100,000.00 in cash and confiscated four cars.

Sheriff Campbell says they don’t see this kind of bounty everyday but it shows them how big the problem is and say they plan to continue to tackle these criminals.

“We are not ashamed to let them know we are going to be hard on the drug trade here in Iredell County. We will continue to make it that way,” Sheriff Campbell said.

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