Denver neighbors frustrated by massive sinkhole, lack of options


DEMVER, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — Flyers will be posted in a Denver neighborhood on Tuesday asking neighbors to park their cars on the opposite side of their street because of a massive sinkhole.

Emergency crews say they aren’t sure if the emergency bridge and what’s underneath can withstand coming rain.

The sinkhole on Hickory Creek Dr. is between 16 and 18 feet wide and 10 to 12 feet deep, and the news, for now, is that it’s not getting any better.

“The hole is getting bigger every day. Slowly,” said Bill Summers with Lincoln County Emergency Management. 

Emergency officials and county leaders spent part of their night Monday taking a look at the situation on the road and the options that are out there to help.

The sinkhole formed Friday and left some, like Bill Price with little options when he had a fall this weekend.

“They had to send an ATV up here with an emergency vehicle and the people to help me,” Price told FOX 46.

County officials say only smaller emergency vehicles can pass on the emergency bridge that’s been set up.

A more permanent fix is more complicated than a lot of people realize right now. That’s because the road is a private road, once maintained by a homeowner’s association that hasn’t been in place for decades.

When the sinkhole formed, there were very few options on how to fix it– none of them quick– and the option they have now has an uncertain future.

”We’re really concerned about the upcoming weather event this weekend and how it may affect those bridges. They may wash away,” Summers said. 

FOX 46 is told homeowners in the neighborhood could start back up the hoa, or get the money together to make the fix, some tens of thousands of dollars.

They could also get the county to help, but homeowners would be taxed for the fix. People on that road are now looking at the options but know there are limits.

“We’re trying to get together. I’m on a limited income, a lot of people here are retired,” Price said. 

County leaders say the emergency bridge will stay there for now. We’re also told the state is looking at helping get a walking bridge in place for people living on that road in the near future.

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