Dangerous sinkhole threatens Plaza Midwood home, owners say


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — A massive sinkhole has neighbors in Plaza Midwood on edge— literally. 

Homeowners Zach and Nina Miller put up a fence on their own just to make sure no one would walk near the sinkhole. They say it’s a huge safety hazard and an even bigger hole. 

“This is a cave. Someone could go down there and hang out,” Zach said.

The giant sink hole is growing just inches away from his home in Plaza Midwood.

“This will just continue to go back into this hole. I mean there’s seven feet right there.”

Seven feet deep on one side, and on the other: “I got to the end of 25 feet.” 

“We can no longer park cars in the driveway. In fact, a car sunk through the driveway,” said Nina.

For the last two years, the couple says they has struggled to get help from *Charlotte Storm Water Services and City Council. When they purchased the property, they did not even know the pipe was there. 

“‘We know this hole is from a pipe that’s carrying city storm water. We will come out and fix it, but it’s going to take eight years.'” Zach says that’s the response they got from *Charlotte Storm Water Services. 

The Millers have tried to move, but couldn’t sell the home.  

“Our daughter is in a wheel chair and we needed a home that had a more adequate open floor plan,” Nina said. 

“In order for me to sell it, I would have to drop the price $100,000 and doing so instantly changes the market of this neighborhood,” said Zach. 

They are also concerned about neighbors’ safety. 

“If we wait eight to ten years to fix this problem my house will be in a hole. My driveway will absolutely be in a hole, and someone is going to get hurt.”

FOX 46 reached out to the *Charlotte City website and to council member Larken Egleston to get results for the family. At this time, neither have responded. 

Update: On Thursday, a representative from Charlotte Storm Water Services contacted Fox46 Charlotte saying they would answer questions about the property via email. 

*Correction: Charlotte Storm Water Services


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