DA: Concord pet spa owner won’t face charges after shooting, killing man


CONCORD, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — A Concord pet spa owner will not be facing any charges after shooting and killing a man in November, according to the District Attorney’s Office in Cabarrus County. 

The DA stated on Thursday, Nov. 30 Sarah Shoe fired on shot at a man, identified as DeShawn Tatem, who forcefully and unlawfully entered her business and attacked her boyfriend while her two young grandchildren watched. 

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The had identified himself as “The General” and said he was in a group called the Yahshua Movement. 

The deadly shot was fired while Shoe was on the phone with 911, describing a psychical fight that Tatem had gotten into moments earlier with Shoe’s boyfriend, Christopher Gray, after being told multiple times to leave their business more than a dozen times. 

Shoe described Tatem as being extremely angry and at one point screamed, “You better move M***** F*****, you’re dead.” 

The DA said after meeting with officers who investigated this case, and reviewing the facts, statements of all witnesses, a 911 call made by Shoe, crime scene photos, physical evidence, and the law as it relates to the “Castle Doctrine” and self-defense, the Cabarrus County DA’s Office will not be pursuing criminal charges against Sarah Shoe. 

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