CVS photo website may have been hacked


A data breach on CVS’s online photo site may have compromised customer’s personal information. The personal information includes customer’s credit cards.

“It does make you a little bit hesitant to participate in online shopping when you see so many companies have been hacked and in some of the major companies that you think would have solidified some type of security,” Jamila Joy, online shopper said.

The photo website CVS uses is operated by an independent vendor and the company has released a statement on their website that is now shut down.

CVS tells their customers to look over their statements, especially if they used the photo site recently.

People who use online shopping sites say they do it for convenience and hearing that yet another store may have fallen victim to hackers, they are less eager to click through to check out.

“I don’t like to feel like I have to look over my shoulder when I use a card. debit, credit whatever,” Vickie Clemmer, online shopper said.

CVS says it’s photo website is entirely separate from it’s main website. The company says, optical, minute clinics, pharmacies, and in-store clients have not been affected.

CVS and it’s financial partners are investigating to see what, if anything was stolen. If anything suspicious pops up the company recommends calling your bank to report fraudulent activity.

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