Crews clear creeks, storm drains in anticipation of Hurricane Matthew


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46) — Charlotte crews have been busy all day clearing creeks and storm drains in anticipation of Hurricane Matthew’s arrival on land.

“If we didn’t clear this out, we could actually see rain water on top the road here on providence and it could also affect residential areas downstream,” Mark Boone with Mecklenburg County Storm Water Services said. 

Boone said there are 20 hot spots prone to clogging and flooding in Mecklenburg County. Thursday, Storm Water Services cleared eight areas.

“Whenever we’re clearing out a place like this, we could be contending with things like power lines, gas lines, so we have to be very careful when we’re working,” Boone said. 

When the rubber hits the road and the storm hits, it’s tough for crews to monitor the 150,000 storm drains and 3,000 miles of streams within Mecklenburg County alone. That’s why they have rain and stream gouges that automatically alert emergency worker when there’s a problem. There’s also something you can do to help.

“You can see some trash, recyclables, leaves, debris that can clog a storm drain, usually it’s easy to pick that up and push it away from the storm drain. We appreciate any resident who is willing to do that,” Alyssa Dodd with Charlotte Storm Water Services said. 

If you see a clogged drain and can’t clear it, you’re urged to call 311 to alert a crew from the city to come out and take care of it.

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