Crackdown: Huntersville police catch school-zone speeders


HUNTERSVILLE, NC (WJZY) — Drivers are learning a tough and expensive lesson in Huntersville.  Police cracked down on speeders in local school zones and those who passed stopped school buses as kids started school.

“When school starts up, there is obviously an increase in traffic. The school zones become active again; there are a lot of school buses on the road again. We are just really big into safety in our schools,” Sgt. Nick Bruining said. 

Sgt. Bruining is one of many with the Huntersville Police Department who placed themselves at schools on opening day to catch drivers breaking the law.

“We do this push at the beginning of the school year, we continue monitoring traffic in the school zones and watch bus stops throughout the year.  These first two weeks we do a heavy push to keep our kids safe,” Bruining explained.

Huntersville police wrote 16 tickets for speeding in a two hour span along a stretch of Old Statesville Road that contains three schools. For those who live around the schools, this comes as no surprise. 

“They need to remind people that this is an active school zone again. They want people to slow down and that message will carry forward. They might do it for a week and then everyone who travels this route will be aware,” Ron Facer, who lives in Cornelius, said. 

Huntersville police told FOX 46 Charlotte they will continue this push for at least another week or so to make sure kids and teachers are safe.

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