COVID-19 curfew? Local leaders consider increasing restrictions


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — While the entire state of North Carolina is under a stay at home order, some local governments are taking it a step further.

The city of Fayetteville went under curfew Wednesday night. This is an issue where people remain divided. Some believe it’s the only way to stop the virus from spreading while others believe forcing people to stay home all day is the only way. 

“It’s vitally important that everyone take this order seriously and obey it. Don’t let your guard down. Staying home slows the spread of this illness.”

A stay at home order is in effect for the entire state of North Carolina, but would adding a curfew be more effective? Not everyone agrees on the topic. 

“I do think there should be a curfew,” one neighbor told FOX 46. 

“I don’t think they are paying it any attention and taking it seriously and it is serious what’s going on. So, I think they should,” one neighbor told FOX 46. 

Some people believe keeping people home at night will still allow people to spread COVID-19 during the day. 

“I don’t think they should enforce a curfew because I think people are infecting other people during the day and infecting people in situations that they can’t really avoid.”

“If it can be enforced. I mean the police can’t be everywhere so people are going to try it regardless. They put a curfew somebody’s going to want to break it because they want to test the system anyway.”

Several people who spoke with FOX 46 believe those who aren’t taking the order seriously won’t, unless they or their families get sick. However, Mecklenburg County leaders aren’t willing to take that chance saying,

Local leadership is considering various options for additional restrictions if needed. 

So far no, curfews have been ordered but as you heard the possibility is being explored.

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