Couple ties the knot in courtyard, neighbors join from balconies


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — It goes without saying that the coronavirus pandemic is changing the way we do things, but on Monday, one Charlotte couple didn’t let it stop their big day. 

The Millers got married right here in this courtyard of a south Charlotte apartment complex. Their wedding had no real guests due to the coronavirus, but the good thing was people came outside on their balconies to support. 

“We wanted to have a big thing and stuff but with this situation, we made it short and snappy, you know?” groom Eldon Miller said.

Eldon married the woman of his dreams Monday during a ten-minute ceremony at the apartment complex. The couple hired a pastor and a photographer to make it all happen.

“We speed up the wedding date. We had a date planned for the 25th of April but we weren’t sure what was going to happen afterwards so we just bumped up the date to now,” said bride Devica. 

The couple is originally from Jamaica and planned to have family come to America for a destination wedding. Instead, people from the balconies of the complex were the only guests to attend as many across the country are under a stay at home order. 

“They got to stay and we do our thing. Normally it would be a big group but nobody can travel because of the situation but it’s all good. We had a good time. It all worked out well. As you can see, the weather is really great right now,” Eldon said. 

Although the coronavirus has been scary for most with lots of bad news, the Millers are hoping their love showcases the resilience of many Americans during this trying time.

“The long wait is over, so it feels good,” said Devica. 

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