Cooper, Democrats pressuring Gov. McCrory to concede


RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Nearly two weeks after the election and delays in getting votes counted, North Carolina Democratic gubernatorial candidate Roy Cooper is intensifying efforts to pressure Republican incumbent Pat McCrory to concede.

Cooper has said repeatedly that he won the race and Monday unveiled his transition team for becoming the state’s next chief executive.

To bolster his message, Democratic lawmakers fanned out across the state to repeat Cooper’s arguments that there’s no way McCrory can win. Unofficial results show Cooper leads McCrory by 6,550 votes.

McCrory shows no signs of giving up. His campaign points to formal protests in dozens of counties alleging absentee fraud and ineligible. Some counties are done counting, but all 100 counties have to finish before the trailing candidate can seek a statewide recount.

Statement from Dallas Woodhouse, NCGOP Executive Director: 

“Roy Cooper thinks he’s the Governor-elect of what? The voting dead? Roy Cooper should respect the process to ensure all legally cast ballots are counted before measuring the drapes. Even the State Board of Elections has an ongoing count of people who have reported voter fraud in the name of their deceased loved ones. We have already witnessed Roy Cooper’s lack of regard for justice in North Carolina when he was stripped of control of the State Bureau of Investigation. Despite partisan lines, we want to make sure the man with the most votes wins this election, and it’s a shame that Roy Cooper doesn’t want the same.” 


 6:25 p.m.

North Carolina state election officials are taking over a potential absentee voting fraud case in Bladen County but declined a request by Gov. Pat McCrory’s campaign to intervene in other formal protests over fall voting in more than 30 other counties as the governor’s election count remains cloudy.

The State Board of Elections decided Sunday that the allegations raised in Bladen have risen to the level that its staff should step in. A local Bladen candidate alleged last week it appeared a handful of people may have signed and filled out roughly a couple hundred absentee ballots.

McCrory’s campaign said they preferred local boards continue the fact-finding in the other protests. The state board did decide it wanted to offer legal guidance to local officials on ballot issues and planned a public hearing Tuesday to receive suggestions about what to tell them.


10:30 a.m.

North Carolina election officials are weighing whether to consolidate complaints alleging vote fraud in a move that could speed up deciding a winner in the state’s very close governor’s race.

The State Board of Elections scheduled a meeting Sunday to act on Republican Gov. Pat McCrory campaign’s request to move jurisdiction of 50 formal protests to the board. McCrory’s campaign manager says the complaints will be resolved quicker and avoid inconsistent decisions by local boards.

Unofficial results show McCrory trailing Democrat Roy Cooper by 6,600 votes. Cooper already declared himself the winner. His campaign says there’s no way McCrory can catch up. County boards haven’t finished their final ballot counts while awaiting information on certain voters who said they registered to vote at the DMV but weren’t on voter rolls.

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