Convicted stalker charged with new crime in Union County


UNION COUNTY, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — A convicted stalker violated his probation in Union County, and has been charged with a new crime. 

22-year old Logan Ursini wouldn’t speak to FOX 46 outside of the county courthouse after getting in trouble with the law again. 

Back in 2017, Ursini was caught on camera pacing the front porch of a girl’s home who he went to high school with.

“The best moments are not captured on camera or pictures, or anything like that” the accused stalker said to the camera.

He was at her home in the middle of the night for nearly four hours. He never had a relationship with her– in fact, she says, she barely knew him.

The girl’s father shared a photo of a shrine Ursini made to his daughter with FOX 46. Ursini left it on their front porch. It featured a Bible turned to the story of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, an alabaster jar, which Mary used to pour oils on Jesus’ feet, sandals and a bottle of wine.

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“This all goes back to the original interview we did where we told you that he has some sort of a God complex,” the girl’s father told FOX 46.

He was charged with stalking her three separate times. Judge Christopher Bragg issued a warning, saying, “so you show up on the porch and [her father] pulls out a shotgun and shoots, even if you have flowers on your head, I can guarantee you that the District Attorney’s office won’t charge.”

Ursini was sentenced to five years’ probation. A violation could result in up to two and a half years in jail.

Judge Bragg went on to say, if Ursini violates probation, he will “issue a bond that he cannot make,” adding, “if I get a call from a deputy [saying] ‘we’ve just picked up Logan Ursini,’ my next call is to the magistrate and I will order the magistrate to set like a $10 million bond.”

Well, sure enough, Ursini violated probation, but he’s out on bond. The magistrate’s office only set it to $30,000.

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“He just keeps coming back more and more and more, and people are living in fear,” the girl’s father said. 

Ursini is now charged with cyberstalking. He allegedly sent a series of messages to his victim’s boyfriend, reading, in part, “do you understand how irrelevant your existence is? You only get one life, get out while you can.”

FOX 46 learned, Ursini is also charged with communicating threats after he, allegedly, threatened to slit his probation officer’s throat.

“You want him to go to jail right now?” FOX 46’s David Sentendrey asked the girl’s father.

“I wish he was in jail six months ago,” he replied. 

Instead, he’s awaiting trial, a free man, while his victim and her family are terrified.

“I’m absolutely disappointed in the court system. We’re continuously living under this threat.”

The victim’s family has had a restraining order for quite some time. Ursini’s cases have been continued to later dates beginning January 15.

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