More than 35,000 customers on the City of Concord’s drinking water system are receiving a notice that slightly elevated levels of contaminants above the drinking water standards were found in the drinking water.

The City of Concord says it’s not an emergency and residents do not need to boil their water.

Officials say slightly elevated levels of haloacetic acids, a potential cancer-causing agent, were found from drinking water samples taken on February 9. City officials say some research shows the risk of cancer is in cases where someone has been exposed to high concentrations of haloacetic acids for extended periods of time, which a spokesman says is not the case in Concord.

The City of Concord is warning certain groups, including pregnant women, people with babies, elderly people and those with compromised immune systems, to talk with their doctor about drinking the water.

The City of Concord is now testing a new carbon filtration system at one of its water treatment plants. It’s a system designed to cut down on contaminant levels in the drinking water. If it works, they could have the new technology up and running in less than a year.