“ConeWeed” now being used to help local families for the holidays


HUNTERSVILLE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — Some see a weed, others see a wish. It’s a phenomenon taking the Huntersville community by storm.

ConeWeed” began as a simple weed, growing through a traffic cone across from Huntersville Fire Station Two. Now, it has transformed into something that will help more than 100 local families this holiday season.

“It has created hope,” said Huntersville Fire Department Public Information Officer Bill Suthard.  “We need something to believe in in this community– and it happens to be a weed growing out of a cone.”

What began as just a weed growing through a traffic cone has turned into a gift this holiday season.

The “ConeWeed” was recently removed by the North Carolina Department of Transportation. Then, it was moved to a new spot on Beatties Ford Road right in front of Fire Station Two, instead of across from it.

Recently, people have been decorating the tree in Christmas cheer.

“Nobody knows who decorated it or who set it up,” said Huntersville Resident Joanna Vonstaden.  “But it’s turned into something positive and it’s a wonderful thing– it fills your heart.”

The “ConeWeed” launched t-shirt sales, raising enough money within three weeks to give more than 100 local families a Merry Christmas.

“What started out as an initial goal of $2,000-$5,000 has grown to $20,000– and that money will help local residents that can’t afford Christmas,” Suthard said.

“That’s crazy something so simple would turn into something so huge and provide for so many families this season,” added Vonstaden.

Another family benefiting from “Cone weed,” Warrior Jace’s family.  Jace is a 4-year-old that has been battling brain cancer.  

Both of his parents are in law enforcement– one being part of the Cornelius Police Department, the other a member of the NC Highway Patrol.  

“I think it’s cool someone thought of turning a “Cone weed” into, ‘lets help families,'” said Huntersville Resident Laura Devore.  “It’s smart and caring and really thoughtful of them,”

“It’s a really good feeling,” said Suthard.  “It’s what the holidays are all about.”

The Huntersville Fire Department will be hosting a “Cone weed Gives Back” event on December 10 at Fire Station Two.

Community members are encouraged to come out and donate to help local families or volunteer. You can also donate to Warrior Jace by clicking here.

Click through to learn more about the Huntersville “Coneweed.”

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