Concord father recovering after gas can explodes in his hands


CONCORD, NC (FOX 46) — A father of four from Concord is recovering in the hospital after a gas can exploded in his hands.

“He said if he can save one person by him going through this and sharing his story, then it’s worth him going through the pain instead of somebody else,” Michelle Easley said. 

Michelle said her husband Jason is taking his injury and turning it into a message to help others.

“He was burning papers like he’s done a thousand times before. He picked up the gas can and sprinkled a little bit on the fire. When he went to go turn, the fumes caught it and it blew up,” she said. 

The children were on the trampoline when it happened.

“My oldest son ran into the house and got me, my middle son got the hose and sprayed off the grass and put out the fire out there. Jason came running into the house. The oldest one got the phone to dial 911. They all jumped into action. If they hadn’t done everything so quickly, it might not have been as positive an outcome.”

And now, she said Jason is doing everything he can to get home to his four kids and wife.

“It’s hard for him to get up and walk. He struggles. He told me he thought he over did it, but he said he will overdo it tomorrow to get home.”

His second surgery is set for early March, followed by physical therapy.

Michelle said he should be ready to come home sometime in April.

“His face is healing so well. They will not have to do a second surgery on that. It’s more like a chemical peal. His hands are pretty bad and his right arm.”

The kids haven’t seen their dad for nearly two weeks. This Sunday, will be their first visit since the accident.

“My plan is to take a picture of them Saturday and sit down with them Saturday night and explain to them his injuries. When they witnessed what they witnessed, they have that vision. I need them to have the vision of him ok and him walking and doing well.”

You can help the family by donating to their go-fund-me page. 

You can also help burn survivors in our area by donating your used aluminum cans to a fire station near you.

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