Companies won’t claim responsibility for home destroyed by sewage backup


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — A family spent their Tuesday afternoon moving into a rental home as their house is now unlivable, after a company laying a fiber line struck a sewage line, sending mud gushing into the home.

“It’s stressful because now we’re taking it upon ourselves to fix our own home and have to deal with that and we were innocent bystanders. We were at home and the next thing we know our whole life is turned upside down,” said mom Stephanie Montoya. 

The Montoya’s home was destroyed by sewage Thursday when Metrotech systems, laying a fiber line for Spectrum, struck a sewage pipe in their front yard. So far, getting someone to pay for repairs is a problem. 

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“We want this over right away and it’s just sad that big companies like Spectrum and Metrotech and the City of Charlotte will take advantage of somebody like us. I mean we’re small fish.”

Steve Pickett, co-owner of Metrotech systems, told FOX 46 they called Charlotte Water to locate the water and sewage lines before digging but the city only marked the water line. 

“You’ve got city water and they said they were not supposed to be, they said they were not hooked up to the city sewer and it was hooked up to city sewer and that’s what we hit out front, in the right-of-way, and it was not marked,” Pickett said. 

The homeowners say they had no idea. 

“When we bought the house it said that we were on a septic tank but apparently not because when Metrotech busted the line, we were connected all this time onto the city,” Montoya said.

They say Charlotte Water may not have a record of the home being connected to the sewage line, so who’s responsible?

“In the opinion of Metrotech who then would be responsible for the repairs?” FOX 46’s Jenyne Donaldson asked. 

“I can’t help you with that. I don’t want to, that’s out of my hands. Metrotech went above and beyond especially on this situation we went over and beyond. Our location tickets were cleared, we even talked to the customer and City of Charlotte,” said Pickett.

Should Charlotte Water have known that the house was running on their water? That’s what we’re working to find out. We put in a call in to them and are waiting to hear back.

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