‘Coffee with a Cop’ event bridges gap between officers and the community


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46) — Coffee talk and fireside chats.

The ‘Coffee with a Cop’ event is a great chance for neighbors to chat up the officers in a more related personal setting.

“We’ve been talking about the other neighbors. We’ve been talking about the changes in the neighborhood,” a resident said.

“If you would have asked me 2 years ago if I would have been doing this.. I would have called you crazy,” Officer Tyler Poe said.

Officer Poe is new to the South Division. He had been a paramedic but was looking to help people before they got hurt – and his found his calling over a cup of Joe.

“I was speaking to a father a moment ago whose son had just got his driver’s license. He asked me for a few good tips for new drivers on the road and how you should conduct yourself during a traffic stop when an officer pulls you over,” Officer Poe said.

Jack Burns just got his license five days ago.

“Haven’t gotten in trouble for anything yet,” Burns said.

His dad, Dan, is a concerned parent who’s reaching through this event to help his child stay safe.

“Just some of the pitfalls that young drivers that they experience with young drivers in the area,” he said.

“All great questions…and I was pretty much telling him make sure you pull over to a safe area. Be compliant with the instructions. Roll your window down and have the radio off is a big one,” Officer Poe said.

It’s a great lesson learned for one young driver that is helping a dad’s piece of mind – all thanks to ‘Coffee with a Cop’.

“To be able to do an event like this where people have the opportunity to ask those questions is phenomenal and I love that we do that, and I love it…it’s just great,” Officer Poe said. 

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