CMS searches for new bus drivers


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46) — CMS is trying to get a jump start on next year when new programs and student assignment changes will have an impact on the number of drivers they need. But the process isn’t as simple as some may think.

It’s a position for which CMS is almost always hiring. Bus drivers are in high demand across the state especially in Charlotte where about 117,000 students are bussed to and from school every day.

“We know that we will need bus drivers and it’s not something that you can interview and hire tomorrow. The process takes, it’s quite an involved process to hire.”

Shalonda Fewell applied at the job fair and feels the extended vetting process is necessary.

“I have a child in CMS and I want my child to get back and forth to school safely. So, I would want to take that responsibility for somebody else’s child too,” she said.

The process is extensive and goes beyond driver’s having a good driving record.

“We do an extensive background check during the pre-hire process. The individual has to meet the DMV requirements. We do a background check on their driving history and then CMS also conducts a very thorough background check to make sure they meet CMS requirements, as well.”

Once they’ve passed the background checks the weeks long training process begins.

“At the end of the bus class they must pass four written tests and then at the end of the behind-the-wheel training they are scheduled with the DMV for three to four days, and they have to pass some skills tests to demonstrate their ability to drive the bus safely.”

Despite the long training, some applications feel it’s a good career move.

“I’ve been working in food service for a long time and I just wanted to switch and do something different.”

To apply for a job as a bus driver for CMS, click here!

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