CMS reviews policies, procedures following Florida school shooting


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — Each time a school shooting happens, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools review its own protocols and procedures in an effort to keep kids safe.

“Every single day when I drop her at school it’s on my mind there could be an active shooter,” said mom Jillian Longsworth. 

It’s a constant concern for parents, as there have already been several school shootings across the country this year.

“It’s now becoming a ridiculous part of society that we have to wake up every day and worry about our children going to school,” Longsworth said. 

Everyday, having to wonder if weapons could be brought inside the place where their children are supposed to be safe. “It’s supposed to be a safe and secure place for them to learn and grow and parents have to worry now whether or not there’s a disgruntled student,” Dr. Clayton Wilcox said, a CMS official.

Staff at Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools want parents to know that they’re doing all they can to keep kids out of harms way.

“In the event of the unthinkable we have done all we can to be prepared for that moment,” CMPD Crime Prevention Officer Jonathan Frisk said. 

On Thursday, heightened security surrounded local schools.  

“We want to reassure our families while our hearts are heavy our minds are active in terms of school security on our campuses,” said Dr. Wilcox. “Not because of an impending threat but because we wanted to reassure families we do take security very seriously. We have practiced lockdown drills, active shooter drills we continue to talk about what we might do if this takes place.” 

North Carolina public schools use a program for active shooter training called “Run, Hide, Fight.”

“They’re definitely doing more training for an active shooter, but are we doing enough is the question,” Officer Frisk asked. 

CMPD uses an active shooter program called “active survival.”

“There are principals we use from run hide fight in our presentation but the one thing we don’t like about run hide fight is the hiding. We take a more aggressive approach and do something called barricade,” Officer Frisk explained. 

CMS plans on holding more active shooter training drills and reviewing lockdown procedures to be as prepared as possible. “It’s important for people to know that our number one priority is the safety and security of our children,” Dr. Wilcox said. 

Wilcox even brought up asking legislators for help with armed security officers, which he called “a reality of the 21st century.” He also said the district may revisit its social media protocol in terms of how staff monitor what’s being posed on social media.

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