CMPD officer who started off as book editor wins ‘Officer of the Month’ award


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — Getting results can sometimes be just doing what you love every day, but it’s not always that simple.

Take Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer Gabe Robinson, who’s this month’s officer of the month for his brave work, but his career path didn’t start out in law enforcement.

Robinson is being recognized for helping bust up a gang dealing drugs in a Charlotte neighborhood.

“After the first buy it just kept on snowballing and there were several more buys,” said Robinson. 

This is Officer Robinson’s second career. His path to being a cop didn’t start out the way you might think.

“I was a book editor. I worked up in New York for Harper Collins.” 

That’s right, Officer Robinson who just help bust up a gang dealing drugs once had a nice cushy desk job in Manhattan, as a book editor.

“If you like thrillers I can give you some good recommendations,” Robinson joked. 

FOX 46 asked Robinson how he got started as a book editor. 

“I wanted to be a cop and had a wife who wasn’t supportive of it. I loved reading and became a book editor and one day my wife out of the blue said you still want to be a cop?  And I said ‘yeah,’ so here I am.”

Here he is. From book editor, to officer of the month for CMPD. 

“Love it love it no regrets. Absolutely love what I do.”

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